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What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is content where the audience actively participates instead of just passively reading, watching, or listening. Interactive content includes things like quizzes, assessments, calculators, interactive infographics and interactive white papers.

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How Modern Marketers Engage their Audience

In its most simple form, interactive content is content that is created with the intention of capturing user attention and encouraging them to take action. These actions can be as simple as clicking to reveal and learn more about a topic or as advanced as answering a series of questions to calculate a score or other outcome.

Interactive content gives modern marketers a way to engage their audience with quality experiences that capture insights and provide useful information. Through quiz or assessment answers and content engagement, marketers can evaluate user preferences and intent to determine what users found interesting.

“Interactive content” is content where the audience actively participates instead of just passively reading, watching, or listening. Interactive content includes things like quizzes, assessment tools, calculators, configurators,etc.”

Scott Brinker Editor Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

How Interactive Content Adds Value to Content Marketing

Using interactive content, marketers can create unique experiences that are playful and fun. In stark contrast to dense content assets that are difficult to measure, interactive content enables marketers to analyze the effectiveness of their content to assess its value to their audience.

Measuring Effectiveness

Content marketing is an effective way to drive traffic to websites, encourage conversions, and educate users about your brand, product or service. But, with so much content being created each day, marketers need new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. On top of creating quality content, marketers are being tasked with proving each piece of content they create is effective at driving traffic, converting leads, and engaging prospects. Sure, you can analyze the effectiveness of content by measuring social shares or blog comments, but interactive content takes measurement further, giving marketers the ability to track each interaction their audience has with the content, making it easier to determine success and content consumption.

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.

– eMarketer

Making It Personal

Interactive content can take a story that a subset of an audience may relate to and turn it into something personal. Interactive content puts users in the driver’s seat of their personal content journey, making them feel that each interaction is valuable and useful for them. Marketers capture valuable insights while providing personal value to their prospects.

Popular Interactive Content Types

There is an interactive content type for every timeline, goal, audience and project. But even with so much flexibility available to marketers, there are still a few key types of content pieces being launched. 

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics are often used to tease users about a deeper content experience such as an interactive white paper or assessment. They can showcase key stats or factoids from a survey, report or case study.


Assessments are often used to provide dynamic results based on user’s inputs to a series of question about a specific topic.

Interactive eBooks or White Papers

Interactive eBooks & white papers are deep content pieces that contain information about a specific product or service.


Quizzes are lighter content pieces than assessments, often used to test users’ knowledge of a topic.


A calculator often looks simple to the user but uses backend logic to calculate results that are unique to the user’s inputs. These are often used to educate and promote potential savings the user could expect by using a product or service.

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