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Interactive Content Capabilities

ion provides foundational enterprise-class interactive content capabilities that enable programs to flourish and scale from 1 to 1,000 experiences.

Let us show you how

Interactive Content in 60 Minutes or Less

Meet Easy Quick Starts — the easiest, fastest way to launch interactive content.

Get Fast Results

Meet Easy Quick Starts — pre-fab infographics, quizzes, assessments, white papers, ebooks, ratings and product tours built into the ion platform and ready to launch in under an hour. Without training. Without a designer. Without a developer. Really.

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Two Ways to Have Complete Creative Control

No code or development. Just the agility you need.

Quick Start Cloud Templates

Forget complex development cycles and start seeing results faster. Our interactive content marketing platform’s Quick Start Cloud is a library of more than 100 pre-fab and fully-customizable interactive experiences. They’re expertly designed and crafted, browser-tested, responsive (mobile, tablet and desktop) experiences you can brand, customize and launch in anywhere from fifteen minutes to a few hours.

Quick Starts are available in four levels — from easy to advanced — for all of our modern marketers to use. And, we launch a new one each week — making them consistently innovative.

And, we help you tap all of this power with a 13-module Designer Training Series that you can take at your own pace to become an ion design master.

Quick Start Gallery
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The Power of ion Themes

Enjoy complete style sheet control, limitless innovation and ongoing evolution.

Complete CSS Control without Code

The ion platform includes a custom theme of your brand and usability standards that you can use with point-and-click ease. The theme is centralized, making universal improvements, adjustments and even re-brands as straightforward as updating the theme. And, you can have multiple themes, giving you the freedom to have many brands, clients, locales or even campaign-specific looks.

  • Fast, code-free CSS-level control
  • Centralized management and updates
  • Micro-theme variations

Explore ion’s Creative Studio

Check out some of the creation tools that will bring your vision to life.

Creative Studio Simulator

Go ahead, be a creative control freak. There’s no better way to create stunning responsive interactive experiences without code or developers.

  • 20 Animations; 5 Triggers
  • App-Like Transitions
  • Scroll Triggers & Effects
  • Flows, Rotators, Reveals
  • Responsive Design Controls
  • Interactive Video & Video Backgrounds
Creative Studio Simulator

Engage. Convert. Profile.

See the ion platform’s top 50 Ways to Engage and get results!

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Data-Driven Content Targeting and Personalization

Over 1,200 combinations of sophisticated code-free logic

The expansion of the typical website monologue into a true two-way dialogue can give you deeper insight into what consumers are trying to achieve and how you can help them. It’s the difference between watching customers as they stroll through a store and having a conversation with them.

Content Marketing Institute

Measurement of the Interactive Journey

Actionable analytics on consumption, conversion and engagement

The information and inputs that consumers provide when using interactive content lead to richer profiles, better lead scoring, and improved nurturing of prospects along the buyer’s journey.”

Content Marketing Institute

Integrated A/B/n Testing in Three Clicks

Full-featured, sophisticated testing without code or development

Quite simply, it’s not a question of whether companies should use interactive content but rather how soon they should start.

Content Marketing Institute

Surfacing the Interactive Buyer’s Journey to Sales Teams

Instant understanding of buyers at their point of interest

Improve Sales & Marketing Alignment

  • Accelerate marketing-to-revenue velocity by eliminating the costly time and momentum gap between marketing and sales
  • Improve sales process and metrics efficiency by aligning the sales dialogue with explicitly known buyer needs
  • Reduce buyer frustration by putting their digital journey to good use, avoiding redundancy and rehashing with sales
Competitive Differentiator
Agile Enabler
Hi-Fi Lead Profiling
Highest Quality User Experiences
Interactive Journey Visualization
Shorter Launch Times

The Platform Advantage Explained

Learn how ion’s foundational platform approach delivers differentiation, agility, results and scalability.

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Integrated Everywhere

UberFlip  + ion interactive
Talisma  + ion interactive
SugarCRM  + ion interactive
Siebel + ion interactive
Pardot  + ion interactive
Omniture Adobe + ion interactive
Net-Results + ion interactive
Mongoose Metrics + ion interactive
MailChimp  + ion interactive
HubSpot  + ion interactive
Google + ion interactive
DoubleClick + ion interactive
DotMailer + ion interactive
CrazyEgg  + ion interactive
clicktale + ion interactive
Campus Management + ion interactive
aweber + ion interactive
aprimo + ion interactive