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VSP Case Study

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VSP Vision Care is the nation’s leading provider of vision care and coverage. Their mission is simple: provide affordable, accessible, high-quality eye care. One way VSP does this is through their direct-to-consumer insurance, VSP Direct, which provides comprehensive coverage for individuals and families.

The Challenge

VSP’s Direct-to-Consumer Market Manager, Steve Gándola has focused on continuing to grow VSP’s online audience and increase awareness of the various plans offered. Unfortunately, many new customers have difficulty differentiating between plans. To address this pain point, an interactive experience was created to both educate new buyers about VSP’s products and help them choose the right plan for their needs.

As VSP explored the development costs for both a product selector and a savings calculator, they found it would be nearly twice the cost of subscribing to ion interactive. With Ion Interactive, the brand could save money on developing these tools and have the capability to develop additional future interactive content pieces.

The Strategy

The interactive answer to VSP’s needs was twofold. First, VSP created a savings calculator that could be modified by state. They then set out to create a product wizard that generated a personalized recommendation based on consumers’ answers to questions about their eyewear needs and preferences.

The wizard was particularly complex, as the tool needed to incorporate information from a third-party database as well as geo-location data to determine what rates are available. Built-in logic was leveraged to display product recommendations based on responses to questions about eyewear preferences, age, and vision insurance status. Finally, the product selector had to create a feedback loop that sent customers to an application page once they selected a plan and passed through information to complete the enrollment.

The Results

According to a VSP poll, 98% of respondents found the wizard useful in helping choose an insurance plan, and nearly one-third of users found the content extremely useful. Additionally, 90% of respondents reported that the product wizard offered important information, with over one-quarter of those polled indicating the information was extremely important.

In addition, the new savings calculator is also receiving significant traffic and allowing users, in a matter of seconds, to get an impressive savings estimate that they can buy into. It gives new customers a clear idea of the products’ value through interactive content.

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