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Pitney Bowes Case Study

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The Challenge

Best known for its mailing equipment and services, Pitney Bowes has been in business for nearly 100 years. In recent years, the company has expanded its focus to retail and office shipping, emerging as a leader in global technology.

While shipping appears to be a simple process, there are dozens of different carriers, classes, and add-ons to be considered. Focusing on their evolving business needs, Pitney Bowes sought to create an experience for their website that would both continue to shift their position in the marketplace and also provide additional value for their customers.

The Solution

The Pitney Bowes team knew they wanted to add interactivity into a 25-page eBook they created to help navigate shippers through the complex world of shipping. After researching several vendors, they chose Ion Interactive.

Working with Ion Interactive’s Creative Services team, Pitney Bowes set out to create an interactive experience that would simplify the shipping process by outlining the key points that customers need to know. The comprehensive guide is split into several chapters, which address topics like shipping rates and surcharges.

The interactive eBook breaks down always evolving shipping classes, services, and surcharges, providing answers to many customer FAQs, all compiled into one centralized and easy-to-navigate location. Pitney Bowes also leverage our content strategists to pinpoint content that could be purposed into quiz questions to boost engagement.

Pitney Bowes’ Senior Manager of Product Marketing Jamie Cohen stated that the detailed, content-heavy experience was a “labor of love,” but that working with the Ion team went seamlessly and allowed them to launch an experience that was extremely well-received across their organization and in market.

The Results

As an evergreen piece, the Pitney Bowes Guide to Shipping can be continually updated as rates and services change, and serves as a go-to resource for their 500+ person sales team, customers, and prospects alike.

The Pitney Bowes team noted that the weekly auto-generated reports from the ion interactive platform allow them to see which elements of the experience are continuing to generate engagement, and which elements may need to be updated. Pitney Bowes was even able to determine that dimensional (DIM) weight shipping was a top area of interest, leading them to develop an interactive DIM weight shipping calculator.

Since its launch, the interactivity of this piece has delivered high rates of engagement. The piece includes Twitter links to share important stats, and also features quiz questions for users to test their knowledge.

Looking toward future campaigns, the Pitney Bowes team is anxious to create more interactive experiences that will achieve similar results.

Senior Manager of Product Marketing Jamie Cohen stated that Ion’s capabilities are a fantastic fit for the new era of Pitney Bowes’ communications, noting that, “Having the content and tools that mirror the technology-focused direction we are going in is invaluable.”

View the Pitney Bowes Guide to Office Shipping here.“Having the content and tools that mirror the technology-focused direction we are going in is invaluable.”Jamie CohenSenior Manager of Product Marketing

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