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BloomReach Case Study

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An engaging quiz drives 50 times more participation


BloomReach’s Personalized Discovery Platform matches content to what people are seeking across marketing channels and devices. The company helps e-commerce marketers acquire customers and convert more customers using personalized experiences. The platform uses BloomReach’s proprietary Web Relevance Engine to integrate organic, paid & site search with digital marketing and merchandising. By dynamically adapting and personalizing websites, mobile sites and native apps, BloomReach increases revenue by interpreting consumer demand and delivering more relevant user experiences in any marketing channel.


One of the unique features of the BloomReach platform is how it curates products to drive increased e-commerce transactions and order value. BloomReach’s marketing department wanted to creatively demonstrate how important language is by engaging consumers to use their own words to describe a single dress. By developing a modern, visually driven quiz for consumers to describe attributes of a dress, BloomReach was able to capture an authentic data set based on real descriptions from actual consumers.

BloomReach selected the ion interactive content platform to help them quickly launch a highly engaging quiz. With ion, BloomReach’s Adam New-Waterson was able to design a highly custom experience based on their exact requirements and launch it with minimal internal resources. They then drove traffic to the quiz through social channels such as Twitter, via targeted email campaigns and paid advertising. Each channel drove strong participation, and the quiz gained significant viral momentum, resulting in a high participation rate. 


BloomReach began crunching the numbers after 500 respondents. Reporting allowed them to easily distinguish between the nine traffic sources. The quiz resulted in an amazing 70 percent conversion rate, providing measureable and meaningful impact, including:

  • 60 percent more effective in generating new leads
  • 40 percent more effective in nurturing existing customers

With ion interactive’s built-in analytics BloomReach was able to easily export & analyze to produce additional content, such as a data-driven infographic based on the quiz responses.

Building on that success, BloomReach added another innovative twist to the campaign by gathering the “unexpected” responses to the quiz then providing those responses to an artist. The result was an entirely different dress, providing another visually interesting way to engage their target audience.

BloomReach Interactive Content Marketing Case Study
BloomReach Infographic Case Study


The remaining uses of the data resulting from the quiz are three-fold. BloomReach uses them for:

  1. Inbound content marketing. Driving demand generation through registrations for the content synthesized from the quiz data, such as the info graphic, video, blog, & articles.
  2. Sales pitches. Providing a real-life story brings life to the value of BloomReach, rather than relying on product features or marketing buzzwords.
  3. Experiential marketing. The dress is such a compelling visual, that BloomReach purchased it and has it displayed in their trade-show booths.

While the buzz for the quiz was strong across channels, it was especially successful in creating great social chatter on Twitter, resulting in positive brand-building for BloomReach.

BloomReach interactive Content tweet
BloomReach interactive Content tweet
BloomReach interactive Content tweet
BloomReach interactive Content tweet

The excitement was not only limited to external audiences—the Company’s staff is noticeably inspired and excited about the buzz the quiz created and the resulting business value it delivered.

BloomReach executed a strong content marketing campaign, leveraging a single concept in unique and innovative ways to drive demand, positive brand associations, employee inspiration and compelling sales enablement.

BloomReach set out to mix things up by creating a highly visual, entertaining quiz that collected valuable data to demonstrate its business value to prospects. ion interactive was excited to provide the marketing apps platform to help BloomReach reach their campaign goals.

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