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Xactly ion interactive Case Study

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Xactly Case Study

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Increased Agility & Speed to Market with ion/Marketo Integration


Obility is a b2b internet marketing company focused on helping its clients track and improve online campaign performance from click to sale. Obility offers SEO, SEM, social advertising, and landing page optimization to companies looking to increase lead quality and revenue from online demand generation programs.

Obility’s client, Xactly, is a leading software-as-a-service provider specializing in industry leading incentive compensation systems. Xactly’s award-winning compensation automation systems allow companies to design data-driven sales incentive programs that motivate employees to succeed.


Obility created and deployed over 50 custom tightly-targeted landing pages specific to individual ad groups resulting in higher conversion rates and better lead quality. Using ion has cut landing page creation and approval time from 14+ days to no more than 2 days.


Potential Xactly customers tend to employ a wide variety of search terms when looking into compensation automation and researching vendors. This necessitates highly granular campaigns and ad groups in paid search, which in turn calls for a large number of tightly-targeted landing pages. Creating so many pages represented a considerable expenditure of time and internal resources for Xactly. Developing new pages for new marketing offers and making changes to existing pages for optimization purposes was a time-consuming process.

Xactly’s sales processes require that a considerable amount of data from all PPC leads be captured and passed into Marketo—an ion integrated solution and their marketing automation platform. When creating landing pages by conventional methods, this would add another layer of complexity, requiring a customized form for each page.

Xactly Case Study

“Landing page creation turnaround has gone from at least 2 weeks to no more than 2-3 days, with actual page creation time taking no more than 30 minutes, once the template is in place. This rapid turnaround has allowed optimizations to the account to be made much more quickly and easily.”

– Nick Herinckx CEO, Obility Consulting, Inc.


Obility proposed the adoption of the ion platform for the creation, deployment, and maintenance of the many custom landing pages required. Working closely with Xactly’s digital marketing department, Obility developed a detailed deployment plan for custom landing pages that matched the granular PPC account structure that Obility had created.

Instead of Xactly creating the landing pages using internal resources, Xactly and Obility collaborated to create a suitable basic page template and produce page copy with direct relevance to each ad group’s keyword list and the PPC ads Obility created for them.

Obility would then create and deploy these landing pages in ion, with a tightly targeted, custom landing page for each ad group. Obility also took advantage of ion’s testing capabilities to perform A/B testing on several elements: landing page content, layout, offer and ad copy.


Xactly now has over 50 custom landing pages deployed, with more being added on a regular basis. The goal of having a dedicated page for each ad group is nearing completion. In addition, a second template is being developed by Obility and Xactly which will not only allow additional A/B testing, but also closely match changes in Xactly’s overall look and feel of their website redesign.

Landing page creation turnaround has gone from at least two weeks to no more than two or three days (depending on schedules), with actual page creation time taking no more than 30 minutes, once the template is in place. This rapid turnaround has allowed optimizations to the account to be made much more quickly and easily. Changes like additional ad groups, often called for by ongoing keyword research and analysis, can be made with the knowledge that a custom landing page can be in place almost immediately to take advantage of that granularity.

When new marketing offers such as white papers or third-party reports become available, rapid landing page development by Obility has allowed Xactly to take immediate advantage of these resources, reducing time-to-market over 85%.

In addition to increased agility and speed, ion has simplified Xactly’s integration with Marketo. By allowing Obility to define a variable parameter for each data point, and include those parameters in each ad’s URL, a single form is used to capture that data. The benefit of a global form? Fewer resources dedicated to making multiple landing pages means more time for testing, optimization and learning!

The net result for Xactly has been an improvement in the quality of leads generated by PPC. The ability to readily deploy tightly-targeted custom landing pages in ion has allowed a stronger “relevance chain” of keyword-to-ad-to-landing-page to be put in place for Xactly, and this enables better-qualified searchers to see (and choose to take advantage of) Xactly’s offers.

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