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This week started the mayhem of back to school once again. Parents running around frantic trying to check off everything on the supply list, teachers doing the last of decorating and planning, and kids cherishing every last moment of freedom they have.

No matter if you had to deal with back to school or not, there’s always moments in our life where we just need that checklist or template to lead us on the right path and make sure we have everything we need to be prepared.

So just like those teachers that provide those wonderfully short and to the point school supply checklists to save the parents any small amount of time they can, here at ion we like to make your life just as easy. And that comes in the form of our Quick Starts—pre-built interactive content experiences you can customize and launch with no fuss. We’ve got four new ones to share with you.

Check them out! Explore each one! Get ready to use these babies to amp up your interactive content marketing initiatives! Not yet an ion customer? Check out even more of our Quick Start examples here and see what you can do when you put your content to work with interactive experiences.


Long Page with Lightbox Quiz

Everyone loves a quiz! We’ve got one built into this beautiful long page of content. Visitors can scroll and learn more about your product or service and use the built-in quiz to test their knowledge. Plus, it includes multiple calls-to-action and social sharing icons.


Product Configurator with Price Calculation

This experience guides your visitors through four questions. Using their answers, the product configurator provides a personalized recommendation of which product is best for them, including the price. With a call-to-action that can link to an external page or shopping cart, the visitor also has the options to reconfigure their product or take a look at best selling alternatives. This Quick Start is great for helping visitors determine the right product and price for them in a simple and easy to use interactive experience.


Solution Configurator

This experience guides your visitors through a set of questions to configure a recommended solution. While some of our Quick Start templates use specific questions and calculations, all data inputs can be replaced with your own specific content and choices. In this example, the configurator provides the visitor with a recommended plan for cost per month using number of users, projects and storage capacity.  This interactive experience allows your visitors to configure the right service, plan or product for them.



Product Tour

This experience tells your product’s story to your visitors using a benefit-driven grid layout. Each benefit drives to a deeper page that includes multiple calls-to-action to generate leads and inbound interest. This useful, visually powerful design can be easily repurposed to memorably tell any action-oriented story.


We hope you’ll check out these Quick Starts and get inspired for ways you can use them for your own content. Let us know what you think!