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Right about now, there are thousands of Americans that can barely contain their excitement. I mean, shaky knees, nervous laughter, butterflies in their stomach type of excitement. It’s like seeing your crush at the beginning of your date night together and not being able to speak. Except the crush is football. And the date is pre-season.

For me, every summer is just a countdown until the first day of the best sports season of the year. Forget the religious Game of Thrones weekly watch parties or the Housewives of Wherever binge watching. None of that is for me. But come August, Sundays (and Monday nights) are sacred and TV becomes a necessity.

If you’re a football fan, I’ll warn you now… don’t laugh. But yes, I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. Of course, being born in Miami, the Dolphins always have my love but, during college somehow, the Jags just became one of those teams close to my heart. Maybe it’s the pity or maybe it’s the fact that season tickets are so darn cheap. Eitherway, this is my life during football season.

Jags season is, unfortunately, typically a let down (What I would do to have MJD back!). As a Jags fan, we always have hope that we’ll have good results, whether it’s from our draft picks or just pure luck. However, year over year, little changes and we continue to get one of the first picks of the draft (This is my way of being optimistic about our horrible record).

It’s a lot like static content. You create and build this team of PDFs and what you feel is educational and useful content just sitting there in hopes that your luck will come and someone will read that 20-page PDF and come straight to you raving about your product or service and instantly become a customer. You hope that your choices in static content are well liked and seen as a resource for your industry. But it’s like playing football with no plan, no strong players or no playbook. You just sit and hope for a playoff season. But it just doesn’t happen that way.

Take a look at the Patriots (Let’s just forget Deflate-gate for a brief moment… kind of like everyone else has). As a Dolphins-born fan, I have my thoughts about the Patriots. But I have to admit, they’re obviously an incredibly talented team. Why? Because they have insight. They have solid players. And they have a playbook that destroys most.

While this may kill me to say, model your content off of the Patriot’s killer football seasons they seem to have year after year. Don’t just sit there and hope that your choice in players is going to save your team. Put your content to work. Gain insight into who you are playing against and who you are playing for. Build an interactive content playbook that takes your brand to playoff season, and hopefully the Super Bowl (or, in this case, the sale).

First year as a head coach? Still an assistant coach? We’ll get you started on the right track with drafting your interactive content playbook. No matter where you are with interactive content, creating engagement with your online visitors and providing educational experiences isn’t as tough as you think it is.

Below are some amazing charts from our own Interactive Content Playbook to get you started:

How does your content score in the above charts? Do you need new players? Create brand new content that appeals to your audience. Or do you just need new plays? Maybe the content you already have is incredible, just not enough people are reading it. Take that existing content and transform it into an interactive experience that scores a touchdown for your brand.

The Interactive Content Playbook from ion interactive



Take a look at our Interactive Content Playbook presentation and let us know what other plays you added to your own playbook that took you to the Content Marketing Playoffs.