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Content is King. We believe it wholeheartedly.  However, even a King faces fatigue. Maybe his subjects are too demanding, maybe he’s trying to be in too many places at once, maybe he’s bored, or maybe his crown is just too heavy for his royal head.

In any market, any industry, the challenge with an effective idea or tactic is that it catches on like wildfire and can fizzle out just as quickly as it hit the scene – like a one hit wonder. Like Milli Vanilli.  You can only blame so much on the rain, you know what I mean?

It’s the marketer’s job to make sure that they don’t take these good ideas and run them into the ground.  Particularly when it comes to content.  Because honestly, content is the lifeblood of your marketing. It’s how you communicate to your audiences.  And if you are a company selling a product or service, it’s absolutely how you engage and influence buyers.  So you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to this next part.  Ready?

We just participated in a research report with Demand Metric titled, “Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey: Benchmarks for Content & The Buyer’s Journey”.  And it is GOOD.  We’re so jazzed about it that we’re thinking about wallpapering our conference room with it. THAT good.

It all revolves around the theme of static content just not being enough anymore and how important it is to break through the clutter with innovative, INTERACTIVE, and engaging content (duh!). You know, like Marketing Apps!

The report is packed with stats and solid information on interactive content and how it plays into the buyer’s journey on a number of levels. The successes, the barriers – the whole shabang!

And it wraps with a paragraph so good we want to set it to music and have it play on our phone systems while people are on hold (just kidding, we don’t put people on hold).

It goes like this…

The problem with any good idea is that everyone does it, and with increased adoption and quantities of content, it loses its power to impress, engage and convert. The problem isn’t that content marketing is no longer a good idea, it’s just that content formats need to evolve. An “arms race” mentality won’t improve the strategy’s effectiveness. What’s needed is a “smart bomb”, and in the world of content marketing, that smart bomb is interactive content. The organization that publishes an assessment app that does in five minutes what hundreds of competing white papers attempt to do will quickly eclipse the passive content.

(Jazz hands)

Get the report here!  And as always, we love feedback, so if you have thoughts to share around it, please do!